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Jen-Yu Wang M.D.

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Research Interests

  • Molecular evolution, genomic structure, evolutionary medicine, population genetics, plant taxonomy and phylogeny


  • 2012-2019: M.D., School of Medicine, National Taiwan University. ​

Curriculum vitae: 文字


Published: Wang Jen-Yu, Wang Jenn-Che. “Emerging natural hybrid between Invasive Species and Native Congener of Emilia (Asteraceae) Found in Northern Taiwan”, 2018, Phytotaxa (doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.382.2.5)

  • In review: Wang Jen-Yu, Wang Jenn-Che. “Emilia hengchunensis (Asteraceae), a new species with special habitat in Taiwan”

Curriculum vitae: 文字

Awards and Grants

  • 2019       3rd place, The 2019 Bachelor Degree Thesis Award, NTU

  • 2018       College Student Research Creativity Award, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan

  • 2017       “Elucidating the speciation history of Opsariichthys pachycephalus and its sister species, O. evolans, with multiple genetic markers”, supported by Research Grant for University Students, from MOST, Taiwan. (grant number: 106-2813-C-002-159-B)

  • 2016       “The interspecies hybridization and hybrid origins of Emilia spp. (ASTERACEAE)”, supported by Research Grant for University Students, from MOST, Taiwan. (grant number: 105-2815-C-003-018-B)

  • 2016 – 2018  Scholarship in Memorial of Ju Shiou-Shan

  • 2015       Yu-Chuan Foundation Scholarship for Biological and Medical Research

  • 2015       Altruistic Youth Award, Collage of Medicine, NTU

Curriculum vitae: 文字

Teaching & Working

2021: TA of "Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology" at UCI

2022: TA of "Molecular Biology Lab" & "Microbiology" at UCI

2019-2021: General physician, multiple clinics, Taipei, Taiwan
2018-2021: Instructor, Jer-son Test Preperation Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Curriculum vitae: 文字

Conference Oral Presentation

2018: Congress of Animal Behavior and Ecology, 2018

2017: Annual conference, by Taiwan Society of Plant Systemics

Curriculum vitae: 文字

My skills

● Python 3

PCR, DNA purification, TA cloning, preparation of permanent slide and staining

Evolutionary analysis: STRUCTURE 2, IMa2, MEGA 10, RAxML 8, Mr.Bayes 3.2, PAUP 4, PopArt 1.7, BioEdit 7, BEAUti & The BEAST/Tracer/TreeAnnotator/LogCombiner/FigTree

Statistics: SPSS 22, R

Macro-photography: All the photos in this website are taken by me. More works can can be see in "Gallery" or my Flickr.

Photoshop & Lightroom CC

Curriculum vitae: 文字
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