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Oh dear, Emilia !

I was dedicated to studying the taxonomy, phylogeny and hybridization of genus Emilia in Asteraceae (Sunflower family.)

This is my first research project with Professor Wang Jenn-Che in National Taiwan Normal University. It is partially sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan.

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We found many ......

Emilia individuals not fitting the description of all the literature.  Their morphology falls between E. sonchifolia var. javanica (紫背草) and E. praetermissa (粉黃纓絨花).

E. sonchifolia var. javanica (紫背草) is the only native species of genus Emilia in Taiwan.  E. praetermissa (粉黃纓絨花) was reported in 2008 as an alien species.

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By carefully comparing ......

their morphology, we found some diagnostic characters to distinguish the new individuals.

In this figure, we can see that the newly found individual (MIDDLE) has yellow pollens and pink corolla. Incontrast, E. sonchifilia var. javanica (RIGHT) has white pollens and pink corolla; E. praetermissa has yellow pollens and yellow corolla. 

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With much evidence,

we formally reported this as a new hybrid between Emilia sonchifolia var. javanica  and E. praetermissa.

FIGURE 4.tif
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But the story does not end.


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We collected .......


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